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Welcome, we are SO glad you're here! 


You know the feeling when the universe is giving you some big ol' signs to step out of your comfort zone and chase your dream? Well, thats where Hearts Peak Collective was born from. Our small, but mighty, studio is nestled in the cozy downtown strip of Blairmore, Alberta where we strive to create a community space that brings beautiful humans together. We cant wait to fill this space with love, light and laughter.

See you on the mat! 

KYLA (Owner & Instructor )

Kyla started yoga thinking it would be a great addition to her exercise routine. She quickly realized that yoga was so much more and fell in love with all of it the first time on the mat. It became something that she looked forward to going to and it wasn’t long before research started on teacher trainings. 2016 was the year Kyla went to Thailand to take her 200 hour YTT and fell even more in love with what Yoga offered. Before the trip was over she signed up for the deep dive 300 hour YTT the following year. Adding to the 500 hours, Kyla has her Yin level 1 and 2, Kids Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, sound healing level 1 and 2 and is currently taking her masters in sound healing. She also has courses in Breathwork and trauma informed coaching.

In January of 2021 Kyla moved from Lethbridge to the Crowsnest Pass and was searching for a place to practice and instruct. With no studios available, she was motivated to create a safe space for teaching and practice and Hearts Peak Collective was born.


“Yoga has done so much more than bring me flexibility and strength. It has taught me patience, self love, mindfulness, how to cope with all that life has to offer and has greatly increased my compassion for all beings. It has brought me a huge sense of safety and has become a way of life, not just a thing I do.”

VICTORIA (Media & Instructor)

To Victoria, it's all about finding connection. While her love for being on the mat didn’t happen instantaneously, it has grown to be the place she turns to to deepen her understanding of how moving with mindfulness, compassion and intention can be practiced off the mat. 

Her playful approach to teaching creates a lighthearted atmosphere for students to explore their own bodies while keeping intuition and breath at the forefront of their practice. She loves to find new ways to flow through her practice just as much as she loves to settle into a deep posture and let the breath fully take over the body. Her biggest mission is to give her students room to explore new depths of themselves and leave the class with a sense of wholeness.


Victoria’s professional background is in the garden and the forest- which you can often find aspects of sprinkled throughout her class.

Our studio offers a wide range of classes in both traditional and non-traditional forms of yoga. We feel its of great importance to speak to all walks of life... even if you're "not flexible enough to do yoga". 

JULIE (Instructor)

I first started doing yoga in my early twenties hoping it would help with all the injuries I was getting from running a lot! I quickly realized how much I needed all the other benefits one reaps from yoga such as learning to be still and lowering stress and anxiety levels. I started with a weekend teacher training in 2006 but quickly realized this wasn’t enough! I then went on to do several 200hr teacher trainings over the next few years; India, the Baja in Mexico and Las Vegas. Each training was very different and taught me different things about myself and what the practice of yoga can do. My practice has really ebbed and flowed over the years with my life but has always been where I know I need to go when things get challenging.


My goal is to provide a safe space for others to find their own light, strength and reconnection with self in a busy world. I love that teaching yoga allows me to constantly slow down, take a deep breath and be in each moment

PATRICIA (Student/Teacher)

I have been a seeker all my life with a burning desire to know and understand who I am and why I am here in this lifetime. There is a saying “When the Student is ready the Master appears." I asked a question and two months later I was at Yasodhara Ashram taking a course called The Ten Days of Yoga. I was not sure about this ashram thing but decided  “ I can do anything for ten days and if I don’t like it I never have to return” How surprised was I when during this ten days there was an inner opening in a way that was so unexpected, so exciting and so precious. 
That was almost 30 years ago and over those years I have returned many times to the ashram for opportunities to go deeper and to gain enough understanding to be able to offer this body of  teachings to others who are also searching.


Swami Sivananda Radha was initiated into sanyasi in 1956 by her guru Swami Sivananda then later returned to Canada and founded  Yasodhara Ashram, a Yoga Retreat and Study Centre, on the shores of Kootenay Lake, British  Columbia in 1963

Rare Ember - Kristin Agema

✧ Here's to you, rare soul. ✧
At Rare Ember, we believe in the power of authenticity & self discovery. Our journey began with a desire to bring people together & create a community where everyone feels like they belong. In this beautiful space, we aim to inspire & empower others to let their true selves shine fearlessly as they find sacredness in both being a part of something, & standing alone in the wilderness. 
Offerings include:
Sound Healing, Women’s Circles, Energy Healing & Spiritual Practices, Yoga, Meditation, Adventures, Collaborations, Lifestyle, & more!

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(Alternative Healer)

Andi Miller


Fitness and wellness has always been important to me for as far back as I remember. In 2017 I became a certified group fitness instructor and my love for teaching blossomed. Yoga found me when I was going through a very emotional phase in my life. It helped me flourish and grow and helped me find my true meaning. After a very enlightening practice I decided I wanted to help others go down that same path and decided to expand my knowledge to become a certified yoga instructor. I am always learning and looking for ways to grow so I can bring the most nourishing practice to my students. In my practice and my teaching I focus on connecting mind body and breath. I believe that yoga is for any body, and that the myth that you need to be flexible is just that, a myth. I am grateful to be a part of this amazing community!

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