We’ve created a unique fundraising initiative/social enterprise for charities and projects through creating bespoke pieces made by people from all walks of life. When you buy from us, you’re buying something full of heart, a story. And you’re enabling the legacy to continue. 

The heart is a powerful symbol, and the power of stories are what helps open them up. We’re called ‘Heartspeak’ because each piece tells a story from the heart, and each Heartspeak piece has a heart on it. 

The Heartspeak Collective was born through wanting to find answers and solutions to questions and challenges the world suffers from:

HUSTLE. Charities are constantly hustling against each other for the $ to keep doing the work. Like business, stop hustling, you die. How can we make it more engaging and interactive for people to support charities? 

NEED. HELP. NOW. Charities need more than just local community support, and they need it now. How can we rally more immediate support for charities on an international level?

VISIBILITY. If people can’t see, hear, feel or understand you, then they can’t connect to you, and your business dies. How can we help charities be seen, heard and felt? How can we connect people easily?

HAND UP, NOT HANDOUT. Charities rely heavily on the generosity of people who support them. How can we generate awareness and funds where we can give back to the people who support charity in a tangible way? And what if we could do it in a way where people keep seeing you?  

BECOME A PART OF MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Many want to help others help others, but don’t know where to start. How could we easily involve people from anywhere in the world to help charities grow?

WE HAVEN’T TIME FOR SOCIAL MEDIA. WE’RE RUNNING A CHARITY, HERE. Many charities have a poor social media following. How can we tap into other powerful networks and grow each other in an engaging, interactive and organic way?

TOO HARROWING SEEING WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON. Charities are born because a bunch of people take action steps to make the difference. No matter where you live, statistics and stories are shocking us into paralysis. How could we help people consume reality while opening them up to take their own action steps to make a difference? Is it even possible to make it beautiful?   

KIDS DON’T WANT TO GO TO THERAPY. There are broken people everywhere, and we can’t take back what happened to them. How could we find therapeutic ways for people to find their voices? To release, heal or express themselves?

UNEMPLOYMENT IS RIFE. You sell what you know, can do or have. And you can only learn what you’re taught. If we’re teaching nothing, why are we expecting better stats? How can we help people help themselves? What ways could they be more enterprising?  

YOU’RE THE AVERAGE OF THE FIVE PEOPLE YOU SPEND MOST YOUR TIME WITH. How could we create ways for people to connect with people outside their own groups? 

PFFT. IT’S JUST ART. Fact: creativity and art helps in the healing process. Whether it’s through poetry, drawing, painting, arts and crafts, vision boarding, sewing, singing, dancing or more, art helps us express ourselves. What if we could find ways to get art off walls and onto people’s backs? What if we could somehow make wearable art? 

ART’S EXPENSIVE. WHAT ABOUT PEOPLE WHO CAN’T AFFORD ART OR TO MAKE THEIR OWN PIECES? It’s true. Art often is expensive. What if we could find ways for young up and coming artists to reach the eyeballs and hearts of people all over the world? People who can afford art? And how could we help young people make money from their art?

The list goes on.

At HeartSpeak, we believe we’ve created something as unique as the bespoke pieces we make. And we’ve worked hard, sacrificed a lot, to answer the above questions, to find solutions. 


  • make Heartspeak pieces at HSC HQ in Auckland specifically tailored to a charity or project. People sponsor the resources and sewing, which the charity arranges. We do this for any charity anywhere in the world we partner with 
  • style the completed pieces up, take pictures of the pieces and share the stories/pieces with our networks, hyperlink and direct traffic to both the charity or project, and provide all pictures and content to the charity or project to use as they wish
  • arrange the story of the piece to go with the piece, which acts like a ‘certificate of authenticity’
  • sell pieces on our powerful online platform created by Kiwis Neil Campbell and Tim Poltavtsev of Buddybid (kinda like eBay meets Trademe on social media). Many of our pieces 
  • when you go online to look at the piece you’ve seen for Charity A, you’ll see all other pieces available for sale. Something for Charity B may also take your fancy
  • ship to wherever the new owner is (shipping paid by owner) with all proceeds for each piece going to the specific charity
  • put the piece/amount fetched up on our Heartspeak Collective gallery


  • connects people from anywhere in the world
  • allows networks to come together and support each other. After all, only one person can win each bid
  • unites people to a common cause: making a difference and helping others to help others
  • educates people to what is really going on in consumable, artistic and creative ways
  • uses heart art and stories to inspire and engage people 
  • keeps momentum going with constant, fresh content
  • builds camaraderie for all supporters as people start to open up and share their stories
  • gets pieces going all around the world

Because we’re a fundraising initiative and social enterprise, we’re able to help people raise awareness for them personally, too. For example, we have Megan Bowers-Vette, one of our Heartspeak Collective Piece Makers, who is heading up the US Project, a touring exhibition of over 50 survivors of sexual abuse and rape, including Amanda Betts. We’ve made pieces where all proceeds go to her project to enable her to tour New Zealand taking photos of people, to give them voices…help them share their stories. We help her tap into our networks to bring awareness, support and funds to boost her project to being actualised.

Sometimes, it’s just a portion we will give back to someone, enough to help them get noticed or on their feet, to tap into their potential or even help them with their sense of self belief.

We’re in a position to support people we believe are willing to help themselves become more enterprising, expand their skill set, raise funds and awareness and connect with people they ordinarily would never gain access to. 



BUY FROM US. Shop on our online platform. You can keep the piece for yourself, or donate or gift it to someone you love, appreciate or think deserves it

SHARE & ENGAGE IN OUR STORIES. Power is in numbers (that visibility thing we were talking about). Likes and comments help. So like, comment on or share our posts (make sure you tell people why you’re sharing)

TALK TO PEOPLE. We know we buy from people we trust, and recommendations are gold. We’d love if you tell people about us

DONATE. Heartspeak is not a charity. But Bridge The Gap Project is. 

COMMISSION US. Wanna make your own Heartspeak piece? We can do it in person, over Skype or FaceTime

BOOK US. You can book your team, staff, young person, mother, sister, brother, aunt or friend. Simply let us know which programme takes your fancy. Prices start at $250 + GST 

DONATE STUFF. Maybe you have some cool clothes in awesome condition you know someone would love that you’d rather see go to a good home. Send us your vintage tea towels or tablecloths (ones with cool patterns or pictures on them), designer clothes or embroidery bits. Not much goes to waste at Heartspeak. 


  • Back into the people who help people through creative experiential learning programmes
  • to the charities/projects/people we create the pieces for
  • mentoring for young people
  • resources and sourcing 
  • NOTE: a portion of each piece that is not already going to a charity/project or person goes to BTGP

Hopefully, we’ve inspired you to want to support us. If you’ve got other great ideas, hey, let us know. 

Our Office

5 Galatos Street
Newton, Auckland, 1010
New Zealand