The Heartspeak Collective: Healing & story telling through fashion & art

We are all unique, born with hidden gems, gifts and talents entrenched deep within us, waiting to be discovered, unearthed, revealed, unveiled, utilised.

To discover these gems, we often have to wade our way through pain first. For some of us, the pain during the voyage into the dark depths of ourselves, frightens us to the point of doing nothing with our discoveries, leaving us feeling exposed and vulnerable with unhealed pain. This causes the gifts to return to where they came from, haunting us until we have the courage, encouragement and support to do something with them.

We all know art and the arts heals. Whether it’s through music, drama, dance, art, photography, poetry, singing, pottery and more, if we’re constantly in a state of connection with others and ourselves through creativity, not only are we healing ourselves, we’re also able to attract and connect with like-minded people, create and attract opportunities and build our skill set, making us more employable, confident and happier.

In our work with incarcerated, at-risk and vulnerable young people, and with the frightening statistics the world over in domestic violence, crime, sexual abuse, suicide and all those things too ugly and uncomfortable to talk about, we simply wanted to make the world what it’s so capable of being: a more beautiful, understanding loving place. But it needs humanity, you, us, to each step up, open up, share, teach. We need to do our bit.

Add to this our beautiful planet too many are robbing from, violating and destroying for greed and wealth, the first best time to act was yesterday, the second best time is now.

Clothing is something we all need. But what happens to clothing once we’re done with it? Recycling and up-cycling has to be at the top of our priority list, even if it’s only in small steps. We all know those sayings, ‘Every step in the right directions counts’ and, ‘Many hands make light work’.

The big, overwhelming even, question was, ‘How…? How can we make a difference?’ ‘How can we help our youth return to old skool skills we all learnt when we were young?’ ‘How can we send more love and beauty into the world?’ ‘How could we get others actively involved?’ And the biggest one: ‘How would we survive?’

Our answer? Heartspeak: healing and story telling through fashion & art

We take clothing, bags, tea towels, cushions, etc., then cut, customize and up-cycle them as a way to share stories from the heart, stories of millions of people the world over. We then sell our pieces on a powerful online platform so our creations and stories can reach the eyeballs, minds and hearts of people all around the world. Because we each have our stories of adversity, inspiration, courage, heartbreak and triumph to tell.

To be a Heartspeak piece, they must have at least one heart on it, because our heart is our foundation. And these are stories from the heart.

Heartspeak was created as a medium to:

·      inject more vibrancy, colour and love into the world, not only through the people making or buying the pieces, but for everyone who sees the pieces

·      help people open up dialogue between each other (both as a Heartspeak piece owner and through crafting their own pieces with others)

·      provide a creative, safe space for people who’ve suffered/are suffering to heal, get inspired and re/connect; with others, whanau and, most importantly, themselves

·      connect people using fashion, art and story telling

·      encourage people in discovering/showing their personal identity

·      provide an affordable way to get art off walls and onto people’s backs, slung over their shoulders, into the streets, anywhere in the world so more people could be inspired by unique wearable art

·      inspire people to look at ways they could up-cycle their own wardrobes

·      empower people how to tell their stories, use their voices, release their pain and acknowledge all they’re grateful for through symbolism

·      raise funds for charities and people all around the world

·      raise awareness in sustainable, slow-fashion

·      help the world in recycling and up cycling

·      support charity and hospice shops, markets and recycle boutiques, as well as the people who make their living out of recycling and markets

·      create legacy art pieces that have their own stories infused to them that get passed on

So when you buy from us, you’re supporting so much more than us. You’re supporting a vision for a bettertomorrow, happier next generations, the growth of a legacy. You’re helping us help others willing to help themselves. You become a Heartspeak Enabler. For more on why support us, click here.

Our Office

5 Galatos Street
Newton, Auckland, 1010
New Zealand